Zeal for Life


Zeal for Life = Love for Life


Love, Honor and Glorifies God


Service to Others


Empowering families to achieve there goals and dreams


This is what we believe and what our new sponsors believes!


3 girls smilingA healthy body is our way of Glorifying God, and ZURVITA’S  Total Wellness Opportunity will not only help us bring much needed nutrients to all the children in the Philippines but will also help us deliver a nutrient dense food source to our bodies.


Zeal for Life Wellness has a All-In-one formula to:


  • Increasing our energy
  • Decreasing ongoing medical issues
  • Decreasing your concerns of aging.


Visit us at:  www.zurvita.com/mjmp-buro


Not at your ideal weight, the Zeal Weight Management Program is the best way to start.   Take the guess work out of nutrition, provide affordable short-term and long-term benefits.




Simple, Effective Nutrition


For us, “Zeal for Life” means knowing you matter, and that what you’re doing right now is significant. It sparks a whole new energy and purpose for life that simply cannot be surpassed.


For most of us, the beginning of experiencing “Zeal for Life” begins with feeling better and healthier. Our flagship product, Zeal Wellness Blend, and the other wellness products in our product line offer the simplest, most convenient solution for whole-food nutrition today.



Significant Income Working Part-Time


Because the product works, and because it’s so easy to share, there’s an opportunity for people like you to earn extra income on your own timeline by simply sharing the product with friends and family.


Our unique compensation plan allows for anyone from any walk of life to earn an immediate monthly income on a long-term recurring basis. It’s simple but powerful, and the stories of our Consultants prove it time and time again.






Explosive Growth

Even though Zurvita is still a relatively young company, our growth over just the last four years is unbelievable. Between 2011 and 2014 alone, Zurvita’s revenue grew from $3 million to $70 million. More and more customers are using our products, and more and more Consultants are earning substantial incomes for spreading the word.

3 Million 2011 —– 70 Million 2014