Nicholas “Nick” Raskop 

Participated in a journey that changed his life forever, the picture to the right is Nick handing out over 3000 B.U.R.O. Bags (school supplies & hygiene gear) to children his own age, a humanitarian mission that took place in 2012.


Today Nick is still reaching out to children in need, his schools mission was to feed the hungry, give drinks to the thirsty, protect life and dignity of the human person, spread the work by calling family and his community to participate, care for God’s creation through rights and responsibilities, think about options for the poor and vulnerable and solidarity. 


Nick’s plan is to sell hot chocolate by using hot chocolate packets and hot water.  He got this idea when he saw someone selling hot chocolate on a cold day.  Hot chocolate packets are about $.14 per packet and he could sell a cup of hot chocolate at his families garage sale for about $.50 per cup.  He also had a donation jar and information booth telling customers about cause and why he was doing it. 


Nick raised enough that day to buy school paper and pencils, and slippers.  These items will be given out to young children in a small town of named Javier, Leyte, which was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda in just a year after his visit in 2013.


Lenie(founder) meet Nick in his beautiful backyard to thank him for all his hard work, everyone here at MJMP are very proud of you. 




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