6th Annual MJMP Biggest Loser Contest

Date(s) - 02/01/2015 - 04/30/2015
12:00 am




Start Date & Weight-in: Sunday February 1st 2015, this is a three month event: Ending Date: May 3rdth 2015



  • Cost of event is $50.00 per person due at sign up. (You can enter the contest anytime after start date.)


  • The loser who loses the biggest percentage of weight wins


  • Prize is 40% of total prize money going to the biggest loser 10% to the 2nd place loser and 50% going to MJMP’s mission programs.


  • Each person will weigh-in on February 1st  (home scale is fine), May 3rd is the  final weight-in.  All weights must be accompanied by a picture of your weight and of the scale you are standing on.


  • Every Monday is weigh-in day again a picture of you on the same scale through-out competition is a must, (just feet and scale are fine) texted all messages to:


  • Klint — 916-803-3479


  • Klint will calculate all percentages and on Wednesday he will message everyone back with results. Note: no weights will be messaged just percentages.


  • Contestants are from various areas so the honor system through-out competition will be in place:  final weight-in on May 30th will need to be sent in no later then 6pm.   Same scale beginning and ending weights are mandatory.


  • Tips & Help: Set a realistic goal; Find a friend to workout with, Have fun reaching your goal, for motivation & assistance with workouts or just getting started. Call Us… And remember to much to soon is problematic, build gradually for the next three months.


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