Jacky Tagle

SAM_4026 (715x1024)1.     If you were to visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? **** HOLY LAND... To witness where Jesus was born and died... It’s my ultimate dream to visit this place, coz I want to see/feel the happiness where Jesus was born and sadness/sacrifices where Jesus died for our sins, coz for me, as a true Christians we must know our beginning..


2.     How did you get involved in Charity works? *** With the help of MJMPH FOUNDATION, I get involved in charity work, and I find it so amazing by helping others who are in needs. Being involved in a charity works makes my life live longer coz every smile of a beneficiary it adds an energy to myself.  


3.     What is one of your favorite childhood memories? **** When I’m one of the beneficiary of a foundation, I always received school supplies, hygiene supplies, and porridge or cereal wheat, I have to be in line to get all this stuff. And when my turn comes they check my weight and height for the record.. And I enjoyed so much being a beneficiary coz it’s all free 


4.     What brought you to MJMP? **** My dear auntie LENIE ROBINS, pres. Of MJMPH, introduced me to her foundation, at first it’s only a meet ups between us coz we never meet for a very long time, and that moment we saw each other was the time of medical mission, I have no idea yet on what is MJMP. Coz I never heard about it. I went to Cebu (that was my first time) by plane (first time again), stay in a hotel (my first time again), and went to other places where that was also my first time to step on these places, everything was FIRST TIME. At first I thought it was just a meeting with auntie (Lenie) and niece (me), but I was very pleased to be a part of MJMP after everything was done. It’s a big challenge for me to be part of a big foundation, I’m very happy and excited being part of MJMP. Thank you so much auntie Lenie and uncle Klint for letting me know what is MJMP all about and accepting me as part of it. I’m lucky to be one of your members. I enjoyed helping the activities. And more lessons to learn by helping others specially those who are in need.


5.     What's your favorite story when volunteering for MJMP? *****Of course the gift giving time like vitamins, school supplies, foods, clothing etc... That’s the time when you will see the smile and warm welcome of all beneficiaries. When you see their eyes full of hope, they know that MJMP is there to help them in their needs; they say THANK YOU in the most sincere way. And I feel the love and happiness from them. Of course another time is when Vitamin Angels visited us in the Philippines, it seems like we are all VIP’s, specially going to remote areas, lots of policemen and army's on the road watching over us.


6.     What values are important to you? ***** Respect, Trust, Patience  


7.     In one word what brings you happiness? - LOVE-

Anthony “TJ” Hughes

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Betty Quevedo

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Dr. Vincent Lee

Cheryl Lund

Francis Sacluti

DSC_2632 (557x800)I've never been really able to travel, so I don't really have one special spot destination. I would love to travel the world and discover new things and different cultures.

 2.   I haven't really participated in any charity works growing up. When I started working with my current employer, I started too participated with some of their fundraising events.

3.     One of my favorite childhood memories are the games we played growing up in the Philippines. We played with anything we can find that we can create a game with. For example like the bottle caps, rubber bands, slippers and I can go on and on, even bugs that most people are scared off. Those are the good days. 


4.     My wife Monica brought me to MJMP. I'm married to the daughter of the president of MJMP. My wife always told me stories that her family would always tried to help kids in the Philippines from when growing up in the Philippines until many years later doing small feeding every time they go back to the Philippines. All from their own pockets. So we decided why not make it official. So one day my wife and I with her siblings decided to open an account for the MJMP organization. That's how it all started 


5.     My favorite story or moment when volunteering for MJMP is during 2012 medical/feeding mission. One of the feeding we did, we were also giving away lots of used toys and shoes. One boy came to me bare footed and no shorts on. I was handing him the clothes for him but he didn't want to take it. He wanted one of the old stuffed toys. When I hand it to him, the joy and the big smile from his face was priceless. He was even happier when I told him that he can keep the toy and the clothes. I will never forget that moment. 


6.     One word that brings me happiness is "family". I'm so thankful that I have very loving and supporting family. They're with me through struggles and happiness. I love my family.


7.     The value that is important to me is gratitude, especially for what I have. 

Monica Sacluti

DSC_2620 (800x531)1.      If you were to visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?  I really want to visit Fiji, or stay on one of those islands where your room is in the middle of the water and there is a glass button floor to watch the fish swim. You could wake up and go straight to the water to swim, it looks fun when you see it in the movies! 

2.      How did you get involved in Charity works?  I guess you could say I was born into it and really don't know anything different. Giving back and helping others is in my blood. 

3.      What is one of your favorite childhood memories?Oh there is so many, so if I had to pick one, it would be making music videos with my sisters, and I don't mean a hi-tech editing kinda of video. A home made, big video camera, on your shoulder, dancing and lip singing to a song we taped (yes I said taped) from the radio.   

4.      What brought you to MJMP?Watching my mom help for so many years to feed in the Philippines by herself and then Klint also began to help. My siblings and our spouses wanted to also help my mom and Klint, so I would say it started with a simple Christmas present, I believe to this day they say it has been there best gift ever. 

5.      What's your favorite story when volunteering for MJMP?During the mission, we were surprised by our mode of transportation to a feeding- a pedicab! That was a surprise, fun and a good way to experience something different. It really humbles you.  

6.      In one word what brings you happiness?Sorry, it's more than one word but being part of something bigger than me and having Francis stand beside me sharing the experience. 

7.      What values are important to you? Trust, honesty and being greatfull.

Marilyn Stangl

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Dr. Perla Maulino

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Klint Robins

DSC_2830 (547x800)Klint started off his professional life as a chef, loving food and loving to help others that passion grew.   An international effort of feeding started when he visited the Philippines In 2001 , the ministry of service also grew with goals of building up the lives of other and reaching out to the underserved.  


The mission strives to reach all across the Philippines from the north in Cagayan Valley to the southern shores of General Santos. 


Klint founded Maria & Joseph’s Ministry to the Poor in 2009. 

Maria “Lenie” Robins

DSC_2835 (679x800)Lenie as a girl discovered the love she had for working closely with people, built on this into a passion to helping other around her. Retired from a career in the radiology oncology depart, working side by side with Americans finest military men and women.


Her positive attitude and loving appeal encouraged and lifts other spiritually and morally.


Lenie loves being a dynamic impact on others she founded Maria & Joseph’s Ministry to the Poor in 2009,  She believes that the power of prayer can heal anything that ails you. 


Prayer in Action!

Godelia “Ding” Wilfong

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Emily Burns

 DSC_00071.      If you were to visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Holy Land -to experience a pilgrimage of a lifetime and see/feel where Jesus walked, taught, etc. -this will complete my blessed life's journey. 


2.      How did you get involved in Charity works?

It started When I joined American Legion, VFW Ladies Auxiliary and American Red Cross; I was blessed to be able to help at Clark AFB Hospital/EENT doctors and also Doctors Without Borders in their PI medical missions & operations. 


3.      What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

As my father's (RIP) back rider-when he gets home from work as a cop. 


4.      What brought you to MJMP?

 Ate Ding invited me to the weekly prayer get together with Sis Lenie and other MJMP family/friends.


5.      What's your favorite story when volunteering for MJMP?

 When we (with hubby) helped packed/sorted out the received MJMP donations, vitamin A, etc. and saw how much stuff can fit in that very big trailer. 


6.      In one word what brings you happiness?



7.      What values are important to you?