Klint & Lenie Robins and their story.


IMG_2419 (800x707)Hello I’m Klint (middle name Joseph) my wife is Lenie (Maria) we founded Maria & Joseph’s Ministry to the Poor.  Our passions over the past 20 years grow with the help of our 8 children from a vision of helping others to a reality.  In 2008 our children knowing of our individual mission to help underserved children in the Philippines decided to give us a gift that would change our lives forever.


Christmas 2008 was magical our children gave us a gift, a gift box. Within it was wrapped up fruit, bananas, apples, oranges, and pineapples. We thought it was a surprise trip to Hawaii. But underneath all that fruit was another box, a box with a checking account in it. We thought it was a joke. But it also contained 8 deposit slips, depositing money for their paycheck each payday.


They said it was to start our nonprofit organization! It was the most fantastic gift we had ever received. Lenie and I were in tears, we were so happy!


Needless to say Maria (Lenie’s real name) and Joseph (my middle name) became Maria & Joseph’s Ministry to the Poor, Inc. and established just 9 days later January 2, 2009.